Benefits Of A Bedliner

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Especially if you live in an area where the summer temperature really climbs, you’re probably aware of the damage ultraviolet (UV) radiation and heat can bring to any vehicle. After long periods of time, UV rays essentially make your car, truck, van or RV look worn out. Not only can the rays crack your vehicle’s paint job, they can also make the color of paint fade. Both side effects cause your vehicle to look older and more run down. Protect your truck from UV rays with a high-quality spray on bedliner. Test results have proven that spray on bed liners have the strength to fend off around 80% of UV rays.


There are a lot of things that go into maintaining the value of your vehicle for when you want to sell it downline. Having any amount of damage can cause your vehicle to depreciate. Bed liner gives you the peace of mind that your vehicle will look the same even years later.


Underneath the paint job on your vehicle, there’s the metal frame. The paint is there to protect the metal from air and water, both of which can cause the metal to rust. Oxidation is a natural process that happens when metal is exposed to air for an extended amount of time. It will then start to corrode, which can both reduce the car’s value and eventually cause internal vehicle damage, not to mention it makes a vehicle look very dated.

Driving off-road means you’re regularly putting stress on the paint job of your vehicle. As soon as there’s damage to that paint job, the metal underneath is exposed to the elements.

You should avoid car rust in as many ways as possible. This can be done with RVD’s spray on bedliner.


Whether or not we like to admit it, looks matter! Fortunately, the sleek aesthetic of a spray on bed liner looks incredible. Not only is the material itself a textured finish, but it also looks sophisticated. Avoid exposing those ugly scars that come from wear and tear. Paint could be chipped, and larger dents could create a more forlorn appearance in the bed of your truck. Getting a bed liner ensures that the ragged appearance of a worn out paint job is covered up with a high-quality, protective material. Show off how seriously you take using and maintaining your vehicle.


Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of getting your vehicle bedlined is the long-term convenience. Not having to constantly deal with chipped paints and dented metal could save you a lot of future headaches. Bedliners seriously reduce the amount of repair and maintenance your vehicle will need overall.

To clean; simply use a pressure washer to remove dirt and grime. NO SCRUBBING NECESSARY. DONE!


We can color-match virtually any Sherwin Williams color # to give you the exact color combination you’re looking for.


The last benefit of getting a spray on bedliner is that it can be totally repaired should it become damaged from wear or abuse. In the unlikely case your bed line does require repair, it’s very quick and simple. Easily color matched and blended if/when needed.