Sacramento Bedliner

Sacramento’s LARGEST Bedliner Spray Booth!



We’ve all seen or heard the benefits of bedlining your truck cab, but most aren’t aware they can bedline their entire vehicle. At Sacramento Bedliner we utilize our proprietary blend of Kevlar based bedliner to provide a totally unique look to your vehicle.

We can also color match virtually any Sherwin Williams color number, thus allowing our clients to pick their own custom color. Rather than the standard black bedliner typically used by most, we utilize a clear bedliner and simply add your selected color tint to ensure an exact color match to fit your design needs.

We also offer two-tone color options for those that prefer a unique or rugged look to their vehicles. Our process includes removing all the plastics, grills, grates, doors and bumpers before prepping to ensure a consistent finish that will last the life of your vehicle.

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Looking for a different look and feel for your van, motorhome, truck, commercial truck, JEEP, horse trailer or virtually any vehicle small, large or XXL we’ve got you covered!

Our dual chamber, 20×40’ inline bedliner spray booths offer our clients the option to change the entire look of their ride.

Why You Can Trust Sacramento Bedliner

Sacramento Bedliner is a subsidiary of Recreational Van Designs (RVD) . RVD specializes in both interior and exterior custom van builds. RVD’s niche (so to speak) is to bedline the entire exterior of our van builds to give them a very rugged, unique design that makes your vehicle one-of-a-kind. Due to the high-demand for overland 4×4’s wanting to take their vehicles to the next level, we’ve elected to open up our services to trucks (or virtually any oversize vehicle) interested in the best solution out there for durability and longevity if you’re going off-road on the regular. We’ve spent countless hours perfecting our process to ensure quality and consistency in every build.